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Dublin ranked 25th best city according to international survey

Goodness gracious! Dublin has been ranked the 25th best city in the world to live in. 
This is according to the results of a Worldwide Quality of Living Survey, conducted by consultants Mercer and released on April 28th 2009.
This means Dublin is better than New York, Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris and London.
OK, I see how it might be better than Tokyo or London - but Barcelona? C'mon!
Don't get me wrong. I love Dublin. It is lively, vibrant and full of interest. But so is Barcelona AND it has spectacular architecture, a great transport system, fronts onto a beach - not to mention lovely weather.
LikePlace contributors have rated Dublin City Centre at 3 out of 5. In light of Mercer's findings, is this fair

Camchuairt ar an Daingean / Video tour around Dingle

Myself and Ronan visited An Daingean/Dingle recently. 
When there, I recorded a bit of video that should give you a bit of a taste for the town if you are thinking of moving there. 
While wandering around, we noticed that is seemed fairly prosperous - nice and clean, with a good library, several supermarkets, lots of tourist shops and pubs. However, I was surprised how few people there were on the streets. Not sure if we just hit it at a quiet time?
More videos of places in Ireland will be added over time. We'll also set up a system so you can add your own too!
(Yes - we are using the 'official' names for Gaeltacht places. Not all of them are up and running on this website yet, but that will happen over the next few months. Note - you can still search using English-language equivalents.)

Back on track

After some digging, a bit of tweaking and some final thumping of the side of the database box -things are back to normal.
Ronan is pretty sure he knows what went wrong. A file was updated that went unrecognised by the database. A simple error that we now know how to avoid repeating.

Update on update problem

We're not quite sure why the site has stopped updating itself. We have received a number of entries that are not showing on the 'All places in Ireland' page.
Ronan is checking it out now. However, it could take a couple of days to fix. 
We'll update the homepage as soon as we have a solution.
Thanks for your patience. (Or bear with us if you are impatient.)

More equal than others

The homepage currently shows Killarney and Portmarnock as both having 3.9 out of 5 - so why is Portmarnock noted as #1 and Killarney as #2?
The reason is that Portmarnock has more ratings. That's why.
We'll be making this clearer in due course.

Hello world

Some weeks ago I told my buddies that I would be launching a site that would allow them to rate places to live in Ireland. 
And now you can!
That's right - whether you LOVE your locale or LOATHE it, you can now tell the world.
It's easy to vote and there is no need to register.
The current best place to live in Ireland is PORTMARNOCK (my own urheimat as voted by me). It gets 3.9 out of 5. Pretty good, but no cigar.
So gave a go yourself and let me know what you think of the site. Easy, hard, good or bad - I want to know and will not be offended by any criticism. (Well, maybe some.)

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