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Camchuairt ar an Daingean / Video tour around Dingle

Myself and Ronan visited An Daingean/Dingle recently. 
When there, I recorded a bit of video that should give you a bit of a taste for the town if you are thinking of moving there. 
While wandering around, we noticed that is seemed fairly prosperous - nice and clean, with a good library, several supermarkets, lots of tourist shops and pubs. However, I was surprised how few people there were on the streets. Not sure if we just hit it at a quiet time?
More videos of places in Ireland will be added over time. We'll also set up a system so you can add your own too!
(Yes - we are using the 'official' names for Gaeltacht places. Not all of them are up and running on this website yet, but that will happen over the next few months. Note - you can still search using English-language equivalents.)


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