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What is it with multiple placenames spellings in Ireland?

Local people spell a place one way and the 'official' spelling is different. 
Examples?! How about these (Official = O. Local = L): 

Video of Ranelagh Street Party for European Neighbour's Day

Ever heard of that US thing, a 'block party'? 
That's when people who live in an area get together for a BBQ or something for a day to get to know each other. 
Well, May 24th was European Neighbour's Day and some goodly citizen organised a Street Party for Ranelagh (we don't have blocks in Ireland). 
I could see that people setup games or food stalls outside their homes, wore namebadges with their house number and went out to chat to each other. 
What a good idea! 
How much more secure and happier a place is when you actually KNOW someone. Here's my vote for more street parties (especially if we get more of the weather we had today).

Some changes and improvements to the website this weekend

I have been making lots of little changes to LikePlace today. My aim has been to improve usability and general performance. 
The site has been live now for about 3-4 weeks. Over that time myself and Ronan have been testing it with real people - just like you - to see how well it meets your expectations.
Boy, have we learned a lot!
Up to now we had 2 ratings pages. Yet, it became increasingly clear that one of them just wasn't working. This was the one that featured a dynamically populating list of placenames. Although a nifty feature, many people just didn't know how to use it. The result - they were unable to complete their entries.
Annoying for them and heartburn-inducing for me (I practically weep over every abandoned rating!) 
Therefore, bye-bye dynamic rating page. You just don't got what it takes.
The alternative rating page can be found (as always) directly from search results. The benefit of this page is that it includes the name of the place you want to rate by default. No more messing with lists. It's already there.
An image of the deleted rating feature
If you have other problems with the site, please, please let us know.
We will not cry (well, not much). We genuinely want to know what's wrong.

Navan - palindrome town

Passing thru Navan of a Sunday morning, I took a few short clips of video. 
Before coming here, I knew not much about it - besides Navan being one of the few places in Ireland that is a palindrome (look it up) and the homeplace of Pierse Brosnan
Overall, it looked pretty good to me. Fairly clean and tidy. The riverside on the way in was very pleasant. Some new development has gone on there in recent years. An old castle or fort seemed to be sited on a hill too. 
Naaaaaavvvan gets a bad press - it could be undeserved!

Dublin city bike parking places making progress

The new free bikes for Dublin are making progress. Attached is a photo of the installation on Exchequer Street.
Will these bikes make Dublin a better place to live?
Yes, in my opinion. However more needs to be done to remove traffic and make it safer to cycle.
A photo of a free bike stand
And what about other places? Smaller cities would surely benefit even more as the residential/business radius is less and so using a bike makes more sense.
Shouldn't we see bikes in Limerick, Cork, Galway, Sligo, Waterford and more?

Can other Irish towns learn from Carrick-on-Shannon?

As promised the full video of my recent visit to Carrick-on-Shannon is now online. (It was pretty windy that day so forgive the blustry sounds.)
I admit a bias towards liking Carrick. My dad is from nearby and I have watched this town develop from a backwater to genuine business/tourist draw. 
I am not sure - but it seems that someone decided to capitalise on their assets (river, nature, accessibility) and put them to work. As a result, they have created a clean, vibrant town that it is nice to spend time in. 
I think other Irish towns of a similar size could learn a lot from this place. 
I mean, Carrick is not unique. Many places in this country are sited in beautiful locations with wonderful views, great people and huge possibility. They just can't get their act together. What do they need to get going?

We're back and I see lots of new ratings are in

When I left, only 84 places had been rated. We are now up to 126! Places like Borris, Ballydehob, Dunfanaghy and more have been added. I look forward to looking them over. 

Shane and Ronan are away ...

... on a cycling holiday in Andalusia. We return this Sunday and will look into any emails and other sites issues then. (BTW - weather here is wonderful. 26C. Great roads and view for cycling. Recommend it. Anyone jealous yet?!)

Carrick-on-Shannon: boardwalk, river and boats on video

A quick, unmastered video of the Shannon and some boats at Carrick-on-Shannon. In my view, it looks like a pretty nice place to live. A tidy riverside with paved pathways and a boardwalk. Good for walks and general kicking-back.
(A longer video will come soon.)
(This video is hosted on the LikePlace Facebook page.)

You say hello, I say goodbye: Irish daily migrations

Some pretty astonishing figures from the Central Statistics Office about the daily migration habits of Irish people. Commuting workers almost double the population of some towns between the hours of 9am and 5pm, whilst also emptying out others.
Some figures include:
  • Each day Dublin pulls in104,865 workers and loses 56,752. A net gain of about 50,000.
  • Similarly, migrating workers cause the populations of Sligo and Castlebar to almost double each day.
  • In contrast, towns like Greystones attracts just 949 but bid farewell to 5,232!
As we all know, property prices had a lot to do with this. Who could afford to get a place in Dublin or Cork city centres who didn't either inherit it or win the Lotto?
It will be interesting to see if the current 'situation' changes this at all.

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