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Can other Irish towns learn from Carrick-on-Shannon?

As promised the full video of my recent visit to Carrick-on-Shannon is now online. (It was pretty windy that day so forgive the blustry sounds.)
I admit a bias towards liking Carrick. My dad is from nearby and I have watched this town develop from a backwater to genuine business/tourist draw. 
I am not sure - but it seems that someone decided to capitalise on their assets (river, nature, accessibility) and put them to work. As a result, they have created a clean, vibrant town that it is nice to spend time in. 
I think other Irish towns of a similar size could learn a lot from this place. 
I mean, Carrick is not unique. Many places in this country are sited in beautiful locations with wonderful views, great people and huge possibility. They just can't get their act together. What do they need to get going?


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