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Some changes and improvements to the website this weekend

I have been making lots of little changes to LikePlace today. My aim has been to improve usability and general performance. 
The site has been live now for about 3-4 weeks. Over that time myself and Ronan have been testing it with real people - just like you - to see how well it meets your expectations.
Boy, have we learned a lot!
Up to now we had 2 ratings pages. Yet, it became increasingly clear that one of them just wasn't working. This was the one that featured a dynamically populating list of placenames. Although a nifty feature, many people just didn't know how to use it. The result - they were unable to complete their entries.
Annoying for them and heartburn-inducing for me (I practically weep over every abandoned rating!) 
Therefore, bye-bye dynamic rating page. You just don't got what it takes.
The alternative rating page can be found (as always) directly from search results. The benefit of this page is that it includes the name of the place you want to rate by default. No more messing with lists. It's already there.
An image of the deleted rating feature
If you have other problems with the site, please, please let us know.
We will not cry (well, not much). We genuinely want to know what's wrong.


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