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You say hello, I say goodbye: Irish daily migrations

Some pretty astonishing figures from the Central Statistics Office about the daily migration habits of Irish people. Commuting workers almost double the population of some towns between the hours of 9am and 5pm, whilst also emptying out others.
Some figures include:
  • Each day Dublin pulls in104,865 workers and loses 56,752. A net gain of about 50,000.
  • Similarly, migrating workers cause the populations of Sligo and Castlebar to almost double each day.
  • In contrast, towns like Greystones attracts just 949 but bid farewell to 5,232!
As we all know, property prices had a lot to do with this. Who could afford to get a place in Dublin or Cork city centres who didn't either inherit it or win the Lotto?
It will be interesting to see if the current 'situation' changes this at all.


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