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Who won this year's regional Tiddly-Winks Championship?

There is evidence that lots of local papers are closing. I suppose Ireland is no exception.
That would be a pity. They are a great read!
I mean, where else are you guaranteed to have your name in newsprint for something as simple as being 2nd runner up in the regional Tiddly-Winks Championship or find out which of your neighbours got married, had kids or died.
Keep up the good work lads!

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The best kept town in Ireland is ... Newcastle, Co.Down

Newcastle (the one in Co.Down not the home of the delicious brown ale) was named Ireland's Best Kept Town yesterday.
Honourable mentions also went to Ennis, Loughgall & Glenties.
People on LikePlace seem to agree, as some have pretty high ratings.
Interesting how the same towns come up year after year. I bet there is a small team in each place that works hard to keep them spruce - for everyone's benefit.

Up the 'Batter! A video stroll around Stoneybatter (Dublin 7)

A video of a hidden area of Dublin - Stoneybatter (aka "Rock Bun"). It contains quiet streets, intimate parks, the UN museum and other delights.
According to Lar, Stoneybatter comes from Bothair na gCloch meaning Road of the Stones. (It was one of the first paved roads leading from Tara to Glendalough and St. Patrick is said to have walked it.)
Many of the streets are named after Vikings or Norse culture, e.g. Olaf Road, Sigurd Road, Viking Road.
One particular street - Sitric Road - hosted a "block party" at the weekend. The "Sitric Picnic".

VOTE for your favourite accent: Cavan, Derry, Drogheda or Kerry?

Cavan: Flat or fabulous?
Derry: Impenetrable or intruiging?
Drogheda: Drawling or delightful?
Kerry: Manic or music?
Click here to vote for your favourite via Facebook.

"I am quiet here alone. Sad too. Touch, touch me."

An extract from Ulysses in celebration of Leopold Bloom's perambulations around Dublin on June 16th 1904, henceforth ... Bloomsday.
Plenty of staw-hatted and floral bedecked thespian-types (David Norris, et al) are carousing around the city.
At least they have the weather for it. It is a beautiful day.
In this video you can see some literary-types hanging around outside Davy Byrnes pub on Duke St. A famous scene from Ulysses occured here (not sure which one).
See some more photos from Bloomsday on our LikePlace Facebook page.

The cleanest town in Ireland is Wexford (the dirtiest is Athlone)

Well done Wexford!
According to today's report from IBAL you are Ireland's cleanest town.
(Athlone is the dirtiest. And from personal experience, I definitely agree.)
IBAL do a brave & brilliant job highlighting the Irish litter problem. Against all-comers, they say just it like it is!
What do they ask? That we try to as clean as the "European Norm".
And the effort involved? A little bit of pride. Nothing more.

Kayaking video. Lucky you if you live on Ireland's west coast!

Ireland has some amazing places for outdoors activities.
And the west coast leads the pack.
I took this video recently off the Donegal coast - on a wonderfully sunny day - near Cionn Caslagh, of Daniel O'Donnell fame.
In it I am exploring sea caves around Oilean Uaigh. Some huge caverns and other gob smacking geological features to be seen.
Highly recommended.
Nóta - Béidh logainmneacha Gaeilge do cheantair Ghaeltachta beo roimh deireadh na bliana.

Hmm. We had a bit of creative system use (abuse?) yesterday

Someone posted a rating for Rossnowlagh Donegal - but the only comment they included was a link to an ad for a local property sale. 
We surmised it was not a real rating, so deleted it. 
We're happy to accept ads (based on certain criteria) but NOT in any way that undermines the rating mechanism or introduces an unfair bias.
Our aim is to get ratings from people who live (or used to live) in a place and are passionate about it
By collecting ratings from real people, we can create a picture of what an area is 'really' like - not what property developers 'wish' it was like!

You can now search for places in Dublin using postcodes

You can now search for places in Dublin using postcodes not just placenames, e.g. Tallaght, Dublin 24, etc.
In addition, some new places are being added to the database. This includes my favourite city placename - Stoneybatter
Stoney. Batter. 
It's like calling a place 'Rock Bun' or something. Weird.

Litter Clean Up on the Grand Canal, Dublin

Today I joined Breffnie O'Kelly and about 10 other people for a 2 hour clean up of the Grand Canal.
The weather was not on our side (it poured rain) - but we made our mark. Or more correctly, we removed the mark of many others.
Among our collection - beer cans, crisp packets and a few election posters. So for the new few days at least, old Paddy Kavanagh can enjoy a nicer view.

A video stroll around Castlefin, Co.Donegal

Over the long weekend I spent a couple of days in Donegal. I know the county well and go there often. One place I frequently pass thru is Castlefin
It always seemed to me a fairly pleasant place - if quiet. 
Happily, the square is off the main road and so away from traffic. Recently I noticed that some improvements have been made to roads and paths. I also note that a childrens' playground has been constructed. 
Border life
One curiosity about the place is the local border crossing to Clady in Tyrone
It is basically a crossroads with nothing but a slight change in tarmac to indicate the transition from one jurisdiction to the other. 
A real 'blink and you'll miss it' moment.

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