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It's official! Irish people have a "strong sense of attachment" to their communities

It's official.
LikePlace shows that most people have a generally positive view of their local community.
72% of Irish people have a strong sense of attachment to their neighbourhood.
33% of foreign residents share that sentiment. And I guess that is pretty good. After all, when I lived abroad, I liked the place I lived but I am not sure I had a "strong sense of attachment".
However, this does an unfortunate side effect. 6% of foreign nationals feel socially isolated compared to 1% of natives.
Bridges stills to be built on both sides.

35%, 38%, 24% & 27% of 700 people in Meath think some stuff

LIFE in County Meath:
  • 35% have little contact with neighbours.
  • 38% contact neighbours at least twice a week.
  • 24% meet neighbours once a week.
  • 11% use public transport.
  • 27% think the bus service has improved
  • 50% think road surfaces are worse.
Do you live in Meath? Do you agree?

NEW VIDEO - a stroll around Smithfield Square, Dublin 7

Of all the city renewal projects of recent years, this is my favourite.
The Smithfield Square area in Dublin 7 has been transformed from an urban wasteland into an elegant urban space.
The keynote features are the elevated lighting towers. Styled on the sails of a ship, they are rather beautiful when seen on a misty winter night. Even more so when the gas braziers that sit atop them are lit up.
(Unfortunately, this does not happen as much anymore due to greenhouse gas issues. Maybe a switch to ethanol is needed?)
So far, so good, so gentrified.
Keeping it real, is the monthly Horse Market. On the first Sunday of each month young lads from the suburbs ride their ponies into town to trade, to consult the blacksmith (in the back of his Hi-Ace van) and buy bridles and other gear.
There are plans to move the market out of town, but I hope it remains where it is. Why move something that is so vibrant and a living link to the past? See some great fotos of the market on Flickr.

NEW homepage coming - your opinions are wanted

We are working on an expanded homepage & want your suggestions and insights (initial mockup attached).
The purpose of the new page is to expose more information about places that have been rated, & to provide extra access points by showing recent site activity. However, we want to do all this without compromising the simplicity of the existing homepage.
What do you think?
What else would you like to see?
We can't promise to include all ideas, but will record everything for future reference.

NEW VIDEO - a stroll around Trim town (& castle), Co.Meath

Trim. Yes, it is. Very trim indeed.
Prior to visiting Trim this week, my only impression of this place was via various scenes from "Braveheart" (yes, that film was recorded largely in Trim castle.) I was curious to see what it was really like.
Often, Irish towns are over-sold and then under-deliver.
Not Trim. It was wonderful.
A very beautiful town, with a great location on the River Boyne. Over the town, looms the largest Norman castle in Ireland.
In addition, it is surrounded by various other historic monuments - Tara, an Augustinian abbey and a Tudor house (where the Duke of Wellington went to school).
Well done to the locals and Meath County Council for keeping the town in such good order.
Visit it. You won't be disappointed.

Helping Texans. It's a national passtime.

First those Texan guys from Dublin airport.
Now Red.
"I'm thinking about moving to Ireland with my husband, two little girls and infant son from Texas, USA!!! Probably a two year stay (maybe). Can anyone give me any tips, where to live, where to work etc... Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Red."

Dublin drops to 25th place in the list of most expensive places to live

Alleluia! Dublin has DROPPED to 25th place in the list of most expensive places to live. My €2.50 coffee will taste twice as nice today.
Wait a sec...€2.50 for a coffee!?!

New VIDEO - Fish, ducks, pigeons, plants, statues, people and papers.

Sunday in the park.

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