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NEW VIDEO - a stroll around Smithfield Square, Dublin 7

Of all the city renewal projects of recent years, this is my favourite.
The Smithfield Square area in Dublin 7 has been transformed from an urban wasteland into an elegant urban space.
The keynote features are the elevated lighting towers. Styled on the sails of a ship, they are rather beautiful when seen on a misty winter night. Even more so when the gas braziers that sit atop them are lit up.
(Unfortunately, this does not happen as much anymore due to greenhouse gas issues. Maybe a switch to ethanol is needed?)
So far, so good, so gentrified.
Keeping it real, is the monthly Horse Market. On the first Sunday of each month young lads from the suburbs ride their ponies into town to trade, to consult the blacksmith (in the back of his Hi-Ace van) and buy bridles and other gear.
There are plans to move the market out of town, but I hope it remains where it is. Why move something that is so vibrant and a living link to the past? See some great fotos of the market on Flickr.


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