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NEW LikePlace website for Britain - Rate great places to live on

Do you - or did you ever - live in Great Britain?
If so, now is your chance to let rip on places you know on the new LikePlace website for England, Scotland & Wales:
Over 60,000 locations are logged in the database - from John o' Groats to Lands End, Kilburn town to Cricklewood.
As a past-residents ourselves, myself and Ronan have rated a few places already. We lived in Stevenage (Hertfordshire) for a time. A grand spot, if a little 1950s new-town style.
Finally, remember that you can also rate great places to live in the USA on LikePlace America.
PS - To help you tell the 3 sites for Ireland, America and Britain apart, we have added cute little flags to the logo on each.


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