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New VIDEO of production units ... I mean animals ... down on Newgrange Farm, Co.Meath

As a kid I thought a typical farm would have a few cattle, the odd sheep, a couple of ducks, a few hens, a goat, a pig or two - and maybe a donkey for good measure.
Growing up I realised there are actually just open air factories where production units (animals or crops) are created for eventual packaging.
Don't get me wrong. I am not an animal rights militant, a vegan or some such. It is just that the gap between the fairytale image of a farm and the actual industrial reality is so wide.
The only place in Europe where such 'traditional' farms still exist is deep in the east (Rumania, Ukraine) - or on an Irish show farm.
The attached video shows Newgrange Farm.
Located beside Newgrange megalithic tomb, it is actually quite fun to visit. It has all the cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, etc.
Of course, it is not a 'real' farm in the modern sense. But still a good way to see some happy production units ... I mean, farm animals up close.


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