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New VIDEO - Mud & magic inside the spectacular Caves of Kesh in Co.Sligo

In a previous video, I showed the cave of Uaigh na gCat in Roscommon. You might recall its entrance as being little more than a hole in the ground.
The Caves of Kesh (aka Keash) - near Ballinafad, Co.Sligo - couldn't be more different.
13 or 14 grand arched entrances fill one entire side of a prominent hill. They really are quite spectacular, both to look at and a vantage point from which to view the surrounding landscape.
A few narrow and confined passages run about 40 to 50 metres inside the mountain. I crawled in as far as I could and got truely smothered in mud. But it was worth it. There are some nice caverns inside.
These caves do have one thing in common with Uaigh na gCat. They were also held by our ancestors to be a gateway to the underworld.
There is a legend that Fionn MacCumhaill had to come here to rescue some damsel or other from various old hags. All good fun, I am sure.


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