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From KILCUMMIN? Read the conversation about ratings for your village

You certainly seem proud of your village.
However, the number of 5/5 ratings received in such a short period has set alarm bells ringing. Such activity usually indicates spam and an attempt to artificially bump up rankings.
Of course, it is possible that Kilcummin could be thought to be 5/5 by everyone. But it is unlikely.
As such, we have marked many entries for review and will continue to keep an eye on it, at least until things calm down (or we see some alternative opinions being logged).


Blogger Lisa said...


The flurry of activity has been caused by the quick spreading through word of mouth that Kilcummin is featuring on the site. We are so proud of our tiny village and would love for it to feature highly on this site as it may be viewed by prospective tourists/new residents. Texts have been flying asking everyone to vote but as i can see this is causing you hassle and so i personally will spread the word to cease voting immediately. Apologies but we did not see this as a breech of any fairness but as we now know where you stand on the issue we will insure that everyone is told not to vote.

Lisa ( a PROUD Kilcummin resident)

20 September 2009 at 18:45  
Anonymous Shane said...

Hi Lisa. I have replied to a similar post on Facebook. I have reproduced it below. (

I also want to add that we are very grateful to everyone in Kilcummin for rating their village.

"Hi Mary. Thanks for the message & thanks to everyone in Kilcummin who entered a rating. We genuinely want as many people there to rate the village as want to.

However, when LikePlace gets multiple ratings of 5/5 for a single place in a short time, it sets off an alarm. This is because such activity usually indicates spamming. This has happened for Kilcummin.

We suggest that people hold off rating for a few hours & then try again. We also suggest that villagers consider their opinions a little more. Is everything REALLY 5/5? It is possible, but is it likely?

We know that people who use LikePlace for deciding where to live, trust ratings more when there is a wider mix of opinion. Thanks again!"

20 September 2009 at 19:30  
Blogger Lisa said...

Thanks for replying Shane rather than just ignoring m opinion. Everyone was told to vote 5/5 for Kilcummin on your site originally in order to propel Kilcummin in the higher rankings as you understand this would attract visiters to your site to Kilcummin. However i do understand how this may have alarmed you and so i will personally tell people that they should still vote but to carefully consider their choice rather than automatically choosing 5/5 as everyone was asked.

Thanks for your consideration and co-operation


20 September 2009 at 21:17  
Anonymous Shane said...

Thanks for that Lisa.

You should note that our review method means that many of the original ratings will be removed from the site.

The ratings that will be removed will be those that came late in the process, from anonymous ratings and from people who do not live in Kilcummin. (However, people are free to enter a new rating.)

Some 5/5 ratings will remain. This mainly includes early ratings.

Thanks for your understanding. We need to keep an eye on things so that the ratings remain useful to people looking for somewhere to live.


21 September 2009 at 10:29  
Anonymous Shane said...

For information, we have now removed many of the early ratings.

Ratings have also been removed from Lowertown, Killarney, Dun Laoghaire, Tralee and several other places that received spam-type ratings.

(This type of clean up happens once a week).

22 September 2009 at 12:02  

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