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Less Pig. More Lipstick: New Liberty Hall unveiled

In a previous post I described the Playhouse installation at Liberty Hall (Playhouse) as "Lipstick on a Pig". Liberty Hall is ugly, but Playhouse makes it seems beautiful (at night).
Now SIPTU are going to change the pig.
The new Liberty Hall (announced yesterday) will be taller & sleeker.
From first glance, I am not entirely convinced. A bit too tall maybe? I had hoped for a building more integrated into its surrounds. One that reflected the aspect of the quays better.
However, at least it is not as monstrous as the Ulster Bank pile that sits across from the Custom House. If ever a building shouted 'up yours', that is it.
Any thoughts?
A photo of the new Liberty Hall from the quays
A photo of the new Liberty Hall from the Customs House


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