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Scotland: A model for rural development in Ireland?

Scotland is now officially my favourite country in Europe.
Having just returned from a week long tour there, I was stunned by just how beautiful it is. Rich countryside, huge forests of Birch & Scots Pine, and towering mountains.
Not only that, the villages and towns are beautiful too. Very well maintained, clean and no litter.
It looks like a great place to live.
My biggest surprise was that there is no "Bungalow Blitz" in Scotland. Good planning seems to have restricted housing within towns & villages. What buildings are sited in the countryside are well integrated to the landscape, i.e. in a traditional, rural style surrounded by trees.
The result is that the Scottish countryside still looks incredibly beautiful. No half-finished, South Fork Ranch-style monstrosities littered in otherwise scenic areas.
We could learn an awful lot from Scotland.


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