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"If you put your ear up to a donkey, you can hear a horse."

So thinks David McSavage.
I have seen this guy doing his busking-comedy on Grafton St for years. He sails close to the wind and is bleedin' hilarious.
His trademark is slagging passers by - a routine that has led to him being beaten up several times. But he bounces back.
In his new series "The Savage Eye", he repackages his abilities to examine Ireland and its people for TV - and it works.

Edvard Munch mans the barricades for the General Strike.

Manning the barricades for the General Strike, outside the National Art Gallery on Nassau St. today.

New "Where's that?" thumbnail-map added to each place page.

A new thumbnail map has been added to the top of each 'place' page.
It let's you see at a glance the location of the place you are viewing.
Of course, a detailed Google map still appears at the bottom of each page. Just click the thumbnail to jump down to it.
Remember, you can also download the LikePlace Google Earth layer to see even more detail - alongside videos and other features.

New VIDEO: Yeats & pubs didn't mix - but I do! A walk around Sligo town.

Sligo has come on a lot.
It used to be a grey old place, but in recent times has managed to itself spruce up. A new boardwalk by the Garavogue river and some nascent pedestrianisation.
Happily Hargadon's Pub is open again too after a lengthy closure.
Apparently Yeats visited a pub only once in his life. He might have gone more if he had been there.

Easter Island statues on LSD on Thomas Street.

These are my favourite statues in Dublin.
Inelegantly called the "Pr*cks on the Sticks", they are just perfect for Thomas Street.
Colourful & intimidating. Like Easter Island statues on LSD.
They are sited directly opposite the National College of Art & Design. Thanks be to God, the powers-that-be didn't relocate that college (as once threatened).
How could artists be created anywhere except in an places as messy and as fun as The Liberties?

New LikePlace plugin for GOOGLE EARTH now ready for download.

Google Earth is great.
It has some wonderful satellite images of Ireland, as well as fantastic plugins that show everything from YouTube videos to Wikipedia articles, relevant to the locations you are viewing.
Now you can add ratings for Ireland's towns & villages to that list.
The new LikePlace layer allows you to see information from our database alongside Google Earth's other plugins. This will help you build an even better picture about what it is like to live in places around Ireland.
STEP 1: Open Google Earth. (Or download it from
STEP 2: From the top menu click "ADD", then "NETWORK LINK". A box will appear.
STEP 3: To install the LikePlace layer, cut-and-paste the following web address into the field marked "LINK".
The new LikePlace Ireland layer will appear in your "PLACES" list. Time to start browsing!
To explore places in Ireland, simply explore the Google Earth map as normal, or click the LikePlace layer in the PLACES list.
BUT WAIT - there's more!
Before clicking "OK", you have a few other options for personalising your LikePlace layer.
  • If you wish, you can type a name for the LikePlace layer in the field marked "NAME", e.g. "LikePlace Ireland" (as shown above).
  • You can also set rules about when you want the layer to refresh itself with new data. To do so, click the tab marked "REFRESH", and play the options (as below). Otherwise, the LikePlace layer will automagically refresh itself with new ratings everytime you open Google Earth.
When you are done, click "OK". You are now set up.
The image below shows how LikePlace data, can appear along side data from YouTube, Google News, Wikipedia & lots more.
If you have any feedback on this new feature - or are having problems with setup - contact us.
PS - Thanks to Ronan for getting all this coded in double-quick time!

New VIDEO: O'Connell St. after dark - burghers, burgers & arrests

A few clips from a typical Saturday night on O'Connell St. Dublin.
The street is a lot more social than it was a few years ago. The redesign of the streetscape has certainly helped.
Old statues of previous burghers, patriots & assorted types, stand on wide pavements with modern furniture.
Overall, it is a far more attractive place to spend time than heretofore.
Of course, shenanigans still occur (see the arrest of the guy in this film). Unfortunate for sure - tho' it is pretty common all over Ireland at the weekend.

New VIDEO: Hallowe'en 10KM darkness run in Lough Key Forest Park.

Is it just me or have a lot of people taken up running in the last couple of years?
Hardly a week goes by without some place in Ireland hosting its own Fun Run, Marathon or Iron Man event.
Last week, it was a 10KM Halloween nighttime run thru the demesne of Lough Key, Co.Roscommon.
About 150 people participated - each kitted out with headlamps and emergency whistles. Your intrepid reporter was among them. I came in 54th. Not too bad.
The route meandered in pitch black through the woods, around by the lake, through some underground tunnels and then back to the visitor centre.
Wet, muddy but not scary.

Where in Ireland smells like a pigsty, but tastes like peach ice cream?

The answer to this bizarre question?
At least, that's what Willie McCrae thinks.
Keep taking the pills Will!

Lonely Planet says Cork City is a top place to visit in 2010.

Another LP (Lonely Planet) says Cork City is a top place to visit in 2010.
Cork is listed alongside place such as Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Kyoto, Singapore and Vancouver.
Illustrious company for the true capital of Ireland.

New LikePlace plugin for Google Earth

Remember what I said before about 'permanent Beta'?
Our latest development is a LikePlace plugin for Google Earth. This will allow you to see everywhere rated in Ireland at a single glance.
The new download will be ready in a few days. A preview is shown below.

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