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New LikePlace plugin for GOOGLE EARTH now ready for download.

Google Earth is great.
It has some wonderful satellite images of Ireland, as well as fantastic plugins that show everything from YouTube videos to Wikipedia articles, relevant to the locations you are viewing.
Now you can add ratings for Ireland's towns & villages to that list.
The new LikePlace layer allows you to see information from our database alongside Google Earth's other plugins. This will help you build an even better picture about what it is like to live in places around Ireland.
STEP 1: Open Google Earth. (Or download it from
STEP 2: From the top menu click "ADD", then "NETWORK LINK". A box will appear.
STEP 3: To install the LikePlace layer, cut-and-paste the following web address into the field marked "LINK".
The new LikePlace Ireland layer will appear in your "PLACES" list. Time to start browsing!
To explore places in Ireland, simply explore the Google Earth map as normal, or click the LikePlace layer in the PLACES list.
BUT WAIT - there's more!
Before clicking "OK", you have a few other options for personalising your LikePlace layer.
  • If you wish, you can type a name for the LikePlace layer in the field marked "NAME", e.g. "LikePlace Ireland" (as shown above).
  • You can also set rules about when you want the layer to refresh itself with new data. To do so, click the tab marked "REFRESH", and play the options (as below). Otherwise, the LikePlace layer will automagically refresh itself with new ratings everytime you open Google Earth.
When you are done, click "OK". You are now set up.
The image below shows how LikePlace data, can appear along side data from YouTube, Google News, Wikipedia & lots more.
If you have any feedback on this new feature - or are having problems with setup - contact us.
PS - Thanks to Ronan for getting all this coded in double-quick time!


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