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"Out of office" - we're away on holiday until January 4th.

We'll respond to your emails and any queries then.
See you in 2010!

URBI et ORBI - et IRBY: Watch the LikePlace Xmas video message.

Every year the pope sends out his 'Urbi et Orbi' message - meaning 'To the city (Rome) & to the world'.
You could watch that - OR watch the LikePlace Xmas video message.
URBI et ORBI - et IRBY To the city, the world - and to Irby.
(Yes, Irby is a real place in Co.Tipperary.)

LikePlace Zeitgeist 2009: Co.Donegal voted best county to live in.

Update Wed 23rd Dec: Since the Zeitgeist went live, LikePlace has received a LOT of attention. Already we have been interviewed about the Zeitgeist by 2 radio stations (4FM and Near FM), appeared in the The Star newspaper, and been featured on Radio Kerry. Follow us on Twitter for the latest happenings.
Update Tues 22nd Dec: After the launch of the Zeitgeist yesterday, a huge number of new ratings were lodged for Bray. They are generally effusively positive - which may be just a wee bit suspect. However, we will assume legitimacy for the time being. Nevertheless, today we will review all the entries (in line with site policy) and mark any spam & duplications for removal.
In 2009 collected over 1630 ratings about life in Ireland. We have now gathered the BEST & WORST of what we discovered into a Zeitgeist.
The Zeitgeist highlights winners, losers & key trends from '09. It shows what you really think of Ireland as a place to live.
  • The best place to live during 2009 was Galway City with a score of 4.4-out-of-5.
  • Bray (Co.Wicklow) was the worst, with a score of just 2.6-out-of-5.
  • The best county was Co.Donegal.
  • The worst was Co.Cork.
LikePlace Zeitgeist
The Zeitgeist reveals that in 2009 the Irish people were a pretty satisfied bunch.
We were MOST HAPPY with the quality of our 'Environment', but LEAST HAPPY with the 'Cost of Living' and the ‘Economy’ . So, no surprises there!
LikePlace also collected many unusual and just plain weird comments about life in Ireland.
  • According to Willie, Ballyclare in Co.Antrim "Smells like a pigsty. Tastes like peach ice cream." !?
  • Jobstown in Co.Dublin was described as "A social experiment gone wrong." by Billo.
  • Reviewer Frank from Tallaght in Dublin 24 said “I’d prefer to live in Basra”.

Irish Xmas ice skating mania.

10 years ago there was hardly a single ice skating rink in Ireland - now dozens appear each Christmas, e.g. Dublin on Ice in Smithfield Square.
They're good craic, though I always forget that falling on ice is like falling on concrete - hard landings! Plus you come up wet.
It is good to see these rinks around. Would prefer if they were open to the sky tho'. Would be more "New York".

New VIDEO: Samuel Beckett bridge opens in Dublin

The new Samuel Beckett bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava opened on Friday last. It is quite elegant - tho' very much a factory output from Senor Calatrava.
His style never changes - "You want swooping curves - I'll give you swooping curves, and say it is inspired by an Irish harp!"
But is is so swooping that when I was there I noticed the local kids were using is as a giant slide. Fairly risky stuff - but fun as well!

Galway overtakes Dún Laoghaire as the best place to live in Ireland.

After weeks and weeks as King-of-the-Hill, Dún Laoghaire (4.3-out-of 5) has been knocked off the top spot by the west's favourite, Galway City (4.4-out-of-5).
Comhgairdeas le Gaillimh 's leis an slua mór, dílis, diograiseach ansin. Go maire sibh leis an lámh in uachtar go tamaill.

New best friends! Likeplace + = Better insights for you.

Today LikePlace starts a new partnership with - Ireland's best online directory for local services.
Need to find a Café or Chiropodist in Tullamore or Tralee? Truvo can help you. You can also rate your own favourites while you're at it!
A link to Truvo now appears on all our 'place' pages (see image).
By putting LikePlace & Truvo together, you can now build an even better picture about what an area is like.
* Note: If there is no information about an area on, the link disappears.
New Truvo link - the search engine Ireland has been waiting for!

It searches "12 web pages"!
Try it at
Doogle homepage

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