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LikePlace Zeitgeist 2009: Co.Donegal voted best county to live in.

Update Wed 23rd Dec: Since the Zeitgeist went live, LikePlace has received a LOT of attention. Already we have been interviewed about the Zeitgeist by 2 radio stations (4FM and Near FM), appeared in the The Star newspaper, and been featured on Radio Kerry. Follow us on Twitter for the latest happenings.
Update Tues 22nd Dec: After the launch of the Zeitgeist yesterday, a huge number of new ratings were lodged for Bray. They are generally effusively positive - which may be just a wee bit suspect. However, we will assume legitimacy for the time being. Nevertheless, today we will review all the entries (in line with site policy) and mark any spam & duplications for removal.
In 2009 collected over 1630 ratings about life in Ireland. We have now gathered the BEST & WORST of what we discovered into a Zeitgeist.
The Zeitgeist highlights winners, losers & key trends from '09. It shows what you really think of Ireland as a place to live.
  • The best place to live during 2009 was Galway City with a score of 4.4-out-of-5.
  • Bray (Co.Wicklow) was the worst, with a score of just 2.6-out-of-5.
  • The best county was Co.Donegal.
  • The worst was Co.Cork.
LikePlace Zeitgeist
The Zeitgeist reveals that in 2009 the Irish people were a pretty satisfied bunch.
We were MOST HAPPY with the quality of our 'Environment', but LEAST HAPPY with the 'Cost of Living' and the ‘Economy’ . So, no surprises there!
LikePlace also collected many unusual and just plain weird comments about life in Ireland.
  • According to Willie, Ballyclare in Co.Antrim "Smells like a pigsty. Tastes like peach ice cream." !?
  • Jobstown in Co.Dublin was described as "A social experiment gone wrong." by Billo.
  • Reviewer Frank from Tallaght in Dublin 24 said “I’d prefer to live in Basra”.


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