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New best friends! Likeplace + = Better insights for you.

Today LikePlace starts a new partnership with - Ireland's best online directory for local services.
Need to find a Café or Chiropodist in Tullamore or Tralee? Truvo can help you. You can also rate your own favourites while you're at it!
A link to Truvo now appears on all our 'place' pages (see image).
By putting LikePlace & Truvo together, you can now build an even better picture about what an area is like.
* Note: If there is no information about an area on, the link disappears.
New Truvo link


Blogger Edu Giansante said...

Very well done guys! Prepare for to be your next brazilian community partners! :)

3 December 2009 at 21:14  

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