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New VIDEO: Hup! Yip! Hayup! Temple Bar Trad Festival.

Hup! Yip! Hayup! Jaysis, I love a bit of old trad from time to time. Hup there!

NEW Video: Windmill Lane, Dublin - U2 & Graffiti central.

Windmill Lane in Dublin has 2 claims to fame:
  1. U2 recorded many albums there.
  2. It is the one place you can spray-paint to your heart's content without risk of arrest.
Because U2-related graffiti has accumulated there for so long, a sort of 'blind-eye' is turned to it.
Of course, every now & then a fuss is made and the graffiti is removed. But it always tends to come back.
It seems a good idea to a place set-aside like that. Gives a legitimate outlet to those who simply MUST tag their name. Better there than on the side of some house or shop!

Truvo + LikePlace = Great start for deciding where to live.

Our partner website - - now links back to LikePlace. (See image below.)
Likeplace on truvo

I gcomhrá le hÁine Ni Churráin ar Raidió na Gaeltachta.

Foto Aine
Ar maidin bhí mé i gcomhrá le hÁine Ni Churráin ar Raidió na Gaeltachta mar gheall ar LikePlace.
Is laithreoir den chlár 'Bearrscéalta' i Áine, clár atá dírithe ar cursaí Thir Chonaill.
Bhaineas an-sult an an agallamh - ach caithfidh má a adhmháil nach bhfuil mo Ghaeilge chomh líofa anois agus a bhí sí tamaill ó shin. Ar ais ar an staidéar!

New Video: As the lights go down - a stroll thru Newbridge.

I heard Tom Dunne on Newstalk FM slagging Newbridge (Co.Kildare) off.
He suggested it reminded him of some scenes from 'The Road'.
I disagree. I thought it was a pretty tidy place. A very pleasant riverside park and a good local theatre. Not too bad as Irish towns go.

Streetnames...surely we can make them a bit more fun?!

Streetnames - All the usual "Pearse Gardens" & "Connolly Heights" are fine - but why not have some fun!
Here's 2 great examples:
  • "I want that one": Little Britain St off Capel St in Dublin 1.
  • Rory Gallagher Corner in Temple Bar, Dublin 2. (Like the guitar!)
A foto of Rory Gallagher Corner
A foto of Little Britain Street

New Video: When snowball fights go wrong, the Gardaí are called.

The snow was a gift to to the kids who hang around Grand Canal Dock.
Unfortunately, fun snowball fights soon descended into near-assaults on passing pedestrians. Those snowballs pack quite a punch when slammed in your face.
Eventually the Gardaí were called. The kids legged it ... but something tells me they'll be back.
(Attention - Video contains immodest language spoken in strong Dublin accent.)

Irish 24/7 heroes battle evil reign of snow & ice.

Kitted out with little more than spades and a steely determination, an army of workers scrapes away at the offending snow and ice!

IBAL publishes list of cleanest places in Ireland 2009, incl. Wexford, Ennis & Youghal.

Top 10 cleanest places in Ireland in 2009 were (from Irish Business Against Litter).
  1. WEXFORD: score for 'Environment' on LikePlace = 4.2/5
  2. ENNIS: score on LP = 5/5
  3. YOUGHAL: score on LP = 3.7/5
  4. CARLOW: score on LP = 3.9/5
  5. DUN LAOGHAIRE: score on LP = 4.2/5
  6. SWORDS: score on LP = 3.8/5
  7. BALBRIGGAN: score on LP = 5/5
  8. LONGFORD: score on LP = 3.8/5
  9. ROSCOMMON: score on LP = 4.7/5
  10. KILLARNEY: score on LP = 4.7/5
Litter is Ireland's most notorious aesthetic failing.
We have what could be a beautiful country, but we also have an overwhelming urge to throw our rubbish about.
IBAL does an excellent job of naming and shaming the worst litter blackspots.
This year they are Athlone & Mallow.

"This is not a pub". Signs seen only in Ireland.

Where else in the world would such signs been seen?
"This is not a pub" ... as seen by me.
"No pyjamas, please" ... as seen by Mirko.

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