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The ugly Irish - 16th most beautiful nation in the world.

More beautiful than the Dutch?!?
Less beautiful than the Welsh?
Wrong on both counts I'd say.
The top 20 (from The Strait Times newspaper)...
  1. US
  2. Brazil
  3. Spain
  4. Australia
  5. Italy
  6. Sweden
  7. England
  8. India
  9. France
  10. Canada
  11. Mexico
  12. Portugal
  13. Wales
  14. Russia
  15. Japan
  16. Ireland
  17. Argentina
  18. Netherlands
  19. Scotland
  20. Germany


Anonymous Brian Whelan said...

If there was a vote on who was the most beautiful on the inside Ireland would have to come in number one!!!
See profile for beautiful views of Ireland.

7 March 2010 at 11:44  

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