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Photo catalogue of the Irish Landscape.

What defines the landscape of Ireland? The postcard image differs somewhat the reality.
Sure, you can still find cottages, turf & sheep - but what about halting sites, bypasses & recycling points?
These are so pervasive, they are also part of the true definition of Ireland.
I am now starting to collect images and descriptions of such things. This will create a catalogue of our landscape in the 21st century. Feel free to contact me to add your own.
These images and description will be published on the LikePlace Flickr photostream.

Some fotos from around Wexford town.

I was in Wexford again recently and took some fotos of the town.
I got to see more of it this time and really liked it. Some great history, windy streets and the like.

Faoi dheireadh, tá tús déanta ar astriúcháin na logainmneacha Gaeltachta ar LikePlace.

As seo amach, cuirfimid an logainm oifigiúil isteach do gach ceantar Gaeltachta atá roghnaithe ag ár gcuairteoirí.
Na cinn atá curtha isteach cheanna fein, tá siad aistrithe chomh maith.
Mar shampla tá "Gaoth Dobhair" i dTír Conaill le fáil anois faoina logainm oifigiúil, mar aon le "Gweedore".

A video of the glum queue outside the Passport Office in Dublin.

God help these people! The queue is over 100 metres long.

Coillte: Landscape aesthetics are clearly not on your balance sheet.

Collite's job is to make money by planting & harvesting trees.
In addition, on their website they say ... "Coillte demonstrates its commitment to responsible forest management throughout its estate which now offers: Over 2,000 km of walking and cycling trails across some of the most beautiful Irish landscape." (reference)
But look at the photos below from Crone Woods near Enniskerry, Co.Wicklow.
Shamelessly they call this plantation a "Forest Recreation Area". So, where's the forest?! It has been strip-mined.
How beautiful is that?
All that's left behind is a wasteland of mangled stumps, lone dead trees and industrial detritus. Even when the production units ... sorry I mean 'trees' ... are in place, it can hardly be called a 'forest'.
Forest implies some type of natural woodland. Yet all Coillte plants is a single species in rows so dense, they blot out the sun. Are we supposed to "enjoy" that too?
The area where these photos were taken overlooks one of Ireland's great natural sights - Powerscourt Waterfall. Just how nice will that be to visit after Coillte's work is done?
So stop the spin, Coillte.
Don't pretend these plantations are parks of some kind. You're only fooling yourselves & us.
Read more about Coillte's landscape management policies on

A video tour inside the new Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin.

Dublin has gotten a surfeit of new theatres in recent years: Helix, Project, Blanch, Ballymun, Tallaght, Dundrum, etc.
The latest is definitely the most spectacular: Grand Canal Theatre (designed by Daniel Libeskind, the architect of the Twin Towers replacement in New York).
The auditorium is wonderful. A huge space with a massive stage & a complete orchestra pit.
A good start was had with Swan Lake, and the Russian State Ballet.

New video: Funfair gets ready for St.Patrick's Day in Dublin.

Big Wheel. Vomit Comet. Bone Shaker. Etc.
The funfair on Merrion Sq gets ready for Paddy's Day.

Do we really love our country? Our unending love affair with litter suggests otherwise.

Look at the photos below.
A beautiful riverside near Enniskerry in Co.Wicklow, despoiled by people who probably shout and sing their love for Ireland at rugby matches, football matches, or where-ever.
In comparison with our neighbours in England, Scotland & Wales, Ireland is a shocking sight - an utter tip. Or at least the part of Ireland I live in.
The cleanliness of Northern Ireland proves that things could be different. But why aren't they? It is the great imponderable.
We just seem to love litter.

The sky over Ireland this week. Shades of blue.

Apparently it is the least cloudy sky we have had since 2007. Literally no clouds.
Shades of sky blue

Adamstown - ghost-town more like! Watch the video.

I visited Adamstown at night recently. It was like being on the set of a post-Zombie attack. Nobody to be seen anywhere.
I half expected the undead to emerge from the shadows and start chasing me around the deserted streets.
The funniest thing is the signs outside the train station advertising Adamstown's nightlife and ambiance! Stock-photos of beautiful people sipping lattes and downing cocktails. But where??
On the plus side, the place seemed incredibly clean and the apartments were very nice. But too quiet.
Perhaps it is more lively during the week?

New VIDEO: The right to protest - a busy day outside the GPO on O'Connell St.

There is usually someone-or-other protesting about something-or-other outside the GPO. But I thought this Saturday was unusually busy.
A total of 7 different groups were rallying for attention, all within a few metres of each other:
  • Anti-abortionists
  • Pro-Falun Gong
  • Anti-Irish Bishops
  • Pro-Homeless
  • Pro-Palestinian
  • Anti-Cutbacks
  • ...& finally, Pro-Jesus.
Good to see that the right to freedom of assembly and expression is still exercised.

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