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Coillte: Landscape aesthetics are clearly not on your balance sheet.

Collite's job is to make money by planting & harvesting trees.
In addition, on their website they say ... "Coillte demonstrates its commitment to responsible forest management throughout its estate which now offers: Over 2,000 km of walking and cycling trails across some of the most beautiful Irish landscape." (reference)
But look at the photos below from Crone Woods near Enniskerry, Co.Wicklow.
Shamelessly they call this plantation a "Forest Recreation Area". So, where's the forest?! It has been strip-mined.
How beautiful is that?
All that's left behind is a wasteland of mangled stumps, lone dead trees and industrial detritus. Even when the production units ... sorry I mean 'trees' ... are in place, it can hardly be called a 'forest'.
Forest implies some type of natural woodland. Yet all Coillte plants is a single species in rows so dense, they blot out the sun. Are we supposed to "enjoy" that too?
The area where these photos were taken overlooks one of Ireland's great natural sights - Powerscourt Waterfall. Just how nice will that be to visit after Coillte's work is done?
So stop the spin, Coillte.
Don't pretend these plantations are parks of some kind. You're only fooling yourselves & us.
Read more about Coillte's landscape management policies on


Blogger thelonesome1 said...

Looks like the Irish equivalent of the Tunguska disaster!

22 March 2010 at 10:35  

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