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Video of new Electric-Car recharging points in Dublin 2.

Suffering with new carbon taxes? Try an electric car for a change!
This video shows 2 models of recharging points that ESB has installed outside its HQ on Fitzwilliam St Lower. The plan is to have 1,500 setup nationwide by the end of 2011.
And where are the cars? Still in production I believe.

Map of Ireland according to Emergency Planning Committee (sans-Donegal)

Whither Co.Donegal?
It is missing off the emergency planning maps.
A map of Ireland without Donegal

Video of the last unpoisoned eagle in Kerry (& a tour of Killarney town).

I visited Killarney 2 weeks ago for my sister's Kerry Fashion Weekend.
It is a weird town. Sort of like the 'Ireland of our imagination'. Yes, it is nice, clean and prosperous - but is it really a typical Irish town?
As I explain in nasal tones during the video, to my mind it is a totem. Similar to Kinsale, Dingle or Westport - it is how we wish Irish towns were.
And that eagle? It's a statue. Hard to poison a statue.

Facebook Apps for LikePlace are now live!

Our new Apps allow you to rate places in Ireland & the USA directly from within Facebook. It also means you can share ratings much more easily with your friends.
PS - If you have any feedback or comments we REALLY want to know. Just post your comments here or on our Facebook page.

Memorial for the Polish President on Grafton St. Dublin.

This memorial was erected by members of the Polish community in Ireland soon after the tragedy in Russia. Many flowers and other messages have been left there.
Soon after I stopped recording the 2 children shown blessed themselves and said a short prayer at the memorial.

A photo of the volcanic ash cloud as it approaches Dublin.

My advice is ... take in your washing.
Yes, I'm kidding ;)

Spelunking over the Easter weekend - Caving in Kesh, Co.Sligo.

Over the Easter hols, myself and a buddy went north-west to go caving.
Initially we started off in the Boho caves in Fermanagh - but unfortunately they were flooded. After that we drove to Kesh in Sligo. The caves there are much less extensive, but are fun and have great views.
There are loads of myths and legends about the caves - which are probably a bit lost on the local kids who obviously use them for parties (judging by the rubbish we collected).
But I guess I would have been the same as a teenager.

Puppets & Music: Video of Grafton Street's brilliant buskers.

The film 'Once' gave the world a view of the buskers of Grafton St in Dublin City Centre.
I wandered down the street of a recent sunny Saturday and recorded a few clips of the dozen or more buskers in action that day. From the incredible to the crap - all sorts were in action.
My favourite for some time has been the puppeteer. He is just stunning and hilarious.

More photos in our catalogue of "Features of the Irish Landscape."

I traveled through the Midlands over the Easter holiday and snapped a few more things that warrant representation in our "Features of the Irish Landscape" Flickr catalogue.
Mainly unpleasant elements I admit (ghost estates, rotting bungalows), but at least one redeeming feature, a beautiful example of an old rural graveyard in Co.Roscommon.
For a full description and explanation of each picture, visit the Features of the Irish Landscape Flickr page.

Meet our newest best friend: - a great site for finding ...well... the perfect pint where you live.

From today on, all pages on will include a link to PerfectPints. After all - it is pretty crucial to know this information when deciding whether to move to a new area!
Cheers to Justin at PerfectPints for linking us up!

With small bit of jiggery-pokery, our maps are now much bigger.

That makes seeing places much easier.
Nice one!

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