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A walk around Drogheda - a lot better than its reputation.

Admit it.
When you think of Drogheda it is generally in the negative. A fair number of stabbings & other crap have going on there recently.
And yet, it is not a bad looking place.
I walked around recently to see for myself. I expected the usual graffiti, street drinking, litter, etc. - but my expectations were nicely confounded.
It is a great looking place.
The main street has been recently repaved and realigned.
It also has a LOT of history, with Ireland's largest surviving medieval city gate. The cathedral also openly displays the shrunked, severed head of the 17C saint Oliver Plunkett (affectionately called "the raisin" by Ronan, due to its blackened appearance).
The town itself overlooks the River Boyne. Just upstream is the site of the battle of 1690, as well as the Newgrange megalithic complex and other sites.
So, it can't be such a bad place to live. Can it?


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