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Joycean scholars hit their stride early on Bloomsday today.

An early photo from today's BLOOMSDAY shenanigans. Some C19-type chaps (in bowler hat and straw boater's hat) enjoying the sun outside Sweny's Pharmacy on Lincoln Place.
This pharmacy features in the novel Ulysses (see below) where Leopold buys a cake of Lemon soap. I only noticed recently that it had closed. It must have shut its doors within the last year or so.
I myself once went in there to buy some (more prosaic) aspirin - but the auld-dear behind the counter had none.
It is now a bookshop. Kinda appropriate.
As an afterthought - I wonder what Jim Joyce would make of Dublin City in 2009? It scores just 3.3-out-of-5 on this website as a place to live (from 28 entries). Not great.
Arch-rival Cork City scores higher than that, (4.0-out-of-5) with a similar number of entries.
According to our raters, the Cost of Living is the worst thing about Dublin - but the quality of Local Services is the best.
We're a capital couple are Bloom and I;
He brightens the earth, I polish the sky.
(The freckled face of Sweny, the druggist, appeals in the disc of the soapsun.)
SWENY Three and a penny, please.
BLOOM Yes. For my wife, Mrs Marion. Special recipe.


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