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Ireland's unluckiest bird heard on Cruit Island, Co.Donegal.

Ireland's unluckiest bird (after the eagle) is the Corncrake.
Its sad decline has been well publicised for many years. Only a few sanctuaries remain ... and yet over the recent June bank holiday (2010) my uncle and I heard one in full voice on Oileán Cruit in West Donegal. (Listen to what we heard in the video below.)
I have been visiting there for over 30 years and never heard one before - nor has my uncle or anyone in his family.
However, there are 6 or 7 nesting on nearby Oileán Uaigh - so the bird we heard may be part of a new vanguard. He squawked his heart out for days.
Cruit seems well suited to him - lots of long grass. I just hope he manages to find a mate and survive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI nice to hear Crex crex anywhere- suppose we team up and make sure no developer such as coillte with confiers(windfarms) get in there. We should be having a ball with nature instead we have these people(gov and theri cronies and their likes just acting as kill joys. What good is money if you cant replace what it displaces-corcrakes,skylarks etc.Invavisve plants are next to target -why people on the dole(FAS) are not eradicating those weeds -JAPANESE KNOTWEED,FURZE ETC IS BEYOND ME -ANY COMMENT ON THIS

6 August 2010 at 10:23  

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