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I have a (transport) dream...

Imagine if our major cities had proper transport, equivalent to our European peers.
Imagine if it was managed based on public need, not union convenience.
Imagine if it was then communicated to the public in a simple way.
Aris Ventikidis has this dream, and this is what it looked like.
Thanks for the vision Aris!

Cycle Hoops - Pole parking in Dublin goes mainstream.

I noticed this new blue "Cycle Hoop" thing on a pole today (Friday) near Grafton St.
Seems a very good idea. Thumbs up to Dublin City Council!

"Pirates of the CORRIBBEAN" .. a raft race on the Corrib river in Galway.

What's with the new craze for punny names for local events?
Add "PIRATES of the CORRIBBEAN" to...
  • The ConneMarathon (in Connemara)
  • The TriAthlone (in Athlone)

IBAL finds that Limerick is the most littered city in Ireland.

Limerick got a bashing from Irish Business Against Litter yesterday for being the most littered city in Ireland.
Limerick's profile on shows that LAW-&-ORDER is actually its biggest problem. (No real surprise there.)
  • Schools: 3.9 -out-of- 5
  • Local Services: 3.8 -out-of- 5
  • Sense of Community : 3.7 -out-of- 5
  • Environment: 3.5 -out-of- 5
  • Cost of Living: 3.1 -out-of- 5
  • Economy: 3.0 -out-of- 5
  • Law & Order: 2.9 -out-of- 5

Me & my brother battling thru Gaelforce 2010.

Myself & my brother did the Gaelforce West event in Mayo at the weekend.
Ciaran got a great time: 5h 27m.
I wimped out 6h 19m. (I hurt my knee, so that's my excuse.)
Some video I took along the route is below.
The best bit?
The initial 14km run. Beautiful.
The worst bit?
The endless cycle into the wind over the bog coming up to Croagh Patrick.
What madman thought that was a good idea?!?

Cork City up in arms! Article about LikePlace in Cork newspaper today.

"Despite acclaim from the Lonely Planet guide, it seems Irish people will always knock our own. A new website that rates towns features Cork City as the 51st best area in the country to live in – hardly a glowing reference for the Real Capital."

Ireland ranked 9th out of 27 in the EU - & 17th in the world.

Another report that ranks Ireland as a place to live versus our peers.
Ireland comes 9th out of 27 in the EU - and 17th in the world.
We are behind the UK, France & Germany (of course), but ahead of Austria (surprising), Belgium, Italy & Spain. Seems kinda fair.
As usual Scandanavia tops the list (hats off to the Finns). Will anyone ever out do those guys?!?

Video of the small coves around Dalkey.

Last weekend I cycled out along the south Dublin coast, visiting the small coves clustered around Dalkey.
Constructed of old granite and relatively unchanged for ages past, on a sunny day they would make you think you were on the Med or somewhere.
Dalkey itself is also a great place.
One of the few real 'villages' in the city that retains its own character. It is home to 3 old castles and a serene main street. A great place to sit back with a coffee.

Seal basking under Sean Casey bridge, Dublin 2.

Cycling home from the cinema on Friday night, I spotted a seal basking on one of the bollards underneath Sean Casey bridge.
He was perfectly content. Flapping his tail and gazing at the people passing overhead. Hope he comes back.

Basques on the march in Dublin.

A parade of Basques (in animal costumes, with large bells around their waists) just passed by the offices where I work.
Sure, why not!

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