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Bicycle power!

There was a fiesta of cycling in Dublin on Wednesday. Some streets were closed off to traffic using fancy car shaped barriers, as below.
The best bit was an outside screening of the bicycle-themed "Triplets of Belleville", where the projector was powered by dynamos from guys on bicycles!
Unfortunately, it had to be abandoned due to rain :(

Interested in the horse's mouth?

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Tidiest town in Ireland 2010 .. Tallanstown, Co.Louth.

Unfortunately, not yet rated on our site - but congratulations anyway.
I have been there several times in recent years & was always impressed by how it had come on. If only more places in the country were as determined to stay beautiful!
Other winners this year...
  • Ireland's Tidiest Small Town - Lismore, Co. Waterford
  • Ireland's Tidiest Large Town - Killarney, Co. Kerry
  • Ireland's Tidiest Large Urban Centre - Kilkenny, Co.Kilkenny
The clip below from the Tallanstown Tidy Towns website gives a flavour of the village.

Outdoor photo exhibition at Trinity College Dublin.

I went along to the Red Bull Illume at TCD last Saturday night. It got better as the night drew in and the illumination of the photos began to work.
Regarding the photos themselves - I thought they were a bit mundane.
All the usual 'Radical' and 'Gnarly' snowboarding-type crap. Nothing you haven't seen a gazillion times before.
Anyway, it closes tomorrow - so get along there fast if you want to see it. on nominations list for Irish Web Awards 2010.

We are in under categories "Most Useful Website" and "Most Innovative Website".
Go team!

Match buildup outside the Aviva Stadium for Ireland vs Andorra.

Ticket touts. Pub overspill. Scarf sellers.
Match buildup outside the Aviva Stadium for Ireland vs Andorra in Ballsbridge.

Sign of our times - but not for much longer.

These EU-type signs have been a feature of our landscape for a long time.
However, I don't expect to see many more over the coming years!

Solution found to Ireland's catastrophic littering problem.

Carry a litter bin with you wherever you go - just like this guy!
(As seen in Stephen's Green today.)

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