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Video of "Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof" (German War Cemetery) in Co.Wicklow.

The Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof - or German War Cemetery - is one of the true surprises of Co.Wicklow.
I remember the first time I came across it at Glencree about 20 years ago. I was fascinated by the idea of these young men interred here in Ireland, so far from Germany.
The grave is administered by the German War Graves Commission (Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge) and most of those interred are airmen who crashed or drowned sailors washed ashore.
It is a truly beautiful place, full of greenery, with a river running by it.
Not such a bad place to end up.

Did the IRISH TIMES steal my idea of Dublin Docklands by night?

Page 19 of today's paper has photos of the lights of the Docklands by night.
Quite good ... but my video of the same is better. Right?!?
I took this video on the way home from the swimming pool on Tuesday past. I love the way the lights on the new Conference Centre change. Various buildings seem to using that style now.
Seems that "Bladerunner" is our future.

"Should I look away?" Existential conundrum posed in Dundalk train station.

I travelled by train to Dundalk yesterday for a few meetings. I took the chance to snap some fotos as I walked to and from the station.
I admit to knowing almost nothing about the town, but I was pretty impressed by what I saw - though it only scores 3.2-out-of-5 on our site. The only other time I was ever there was as a teen playing at an U-17s basketball tournament (we lost).
The town appeared broadly clean & tidy with some nice civic architecture, esp. around the Court House.
Amazingly the train station was a bit of a highlight. There seems to be an art project in process, by which hard painted signs address travellers about that common existential conundrum of what to do about eye-contact on a train "Should I look away" etc. Nice idea.
Like its near neighbours - Drogheda & Newry - Dundalk often gets a bad rap. May not be worth it.

Beautiful view. Shame about the viewing point.

The views of Dublin City from the Kilkee Road viewing point are stunning. But the Irish people let themselves down again.

The viewing point is shameful.

If Irish people insist on littering, could South Dublin County Council at least TRY to keep it clean?

Late October + Cloudless sky + Golden leaves = Beautiful Day!

Trees on Asgard Road in Dublin Docklands.

But on a better note ... Here's a nice video of the inside & grounds of Belmullet lighthouse.

So, Belmullet and Co.Mayo are not all bad!

Run for your lives! The unstoppable Bungalow-Blob has taken over west Mayo.

Is nowhere safe from this menace?!?

Dublin Bus. Listen up.

I was in the USA recently and noticed this brilliant idea in Burlington, Vermont.
If you are a cyclist and need to take the bus for long stretches, you can attach your bike to the front of the bus.

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