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ZEITGEIST 2010 now live - Co.Donegal tops the poll. Co.Galway is the worst.

With over 3,500 ratings in the pot, we now know that the best place to live in 2010 was Co.Donegal with a score of 4.1-out-of-5.
Co.Galway was the worst, with a score of 3.5-out-of-5.
However, Galway is not all bad, as Galway City was voted the best town to live in. It scored 4-out-of-5.
Poor old Bray came in last, with just 3.1-out-of-5.

Sausages & song ... Video of Christmas Market at Dublin Docklands.

Jah! Just zo. Ve have a Kristmas markt now!
We have a lot to thank the Germans for this year.
Let's face it, Angela & co did a great job bailing us out. The least we can do is buy a few sausages & beer from them at a Christmas Market.
This is a video of the market in Dublin. The choir singing is Cantóirí - of which I am a member. I didn't sing this time because I missed a few rehearsals.
Bloody rule makers ! ;)

New postcode signs around Dublin City. What do they mean?

I saw lots of these signs around the city in the last week. They seem to be Garmin sponsored.
Dunno if they are allowed by the council or just an Xmas gimmick.
Interesting tho.

See what it's really like. All our maps now have Google STREET VIEW.

We have upgraded all our maps to include Google Street View. That makes it easier for you to find out what a place really looks like.
Grafitti, litter, loose horses. Google's got 'em all!
If you have never used Google Street View before, I have made a short demo to show you how to use it on this website.
It's dead easy. Just click "play" to see how.

4% of people in Ireland pay BRIBES to access services to which they are entitled.

Seems a lot to me. But our peers score as follows ..
  • 10% in Austria
  • 8% in France
  • 3% in Germany
  • 2% in UK
  • 2% in Finland.
So we're not too bad, I suppose.

Property for sale. Built using traditional techniques. Close to city centre. Suit single eskimo.

Siberia comes to Dublin - a VIDEO of today's blizzard.

At least 6-8 inches of snow today I'd say.
It has been kinda fun so far - but pretty soon it better start to clear up.

Bus cancelled due to SNOW, so I had to make my own way to work today.

Wasn't easy keeping those dogs in the bus lane. I can tell you!
(Yes - it's me in Finland last year.)

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