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Birds on sticks in Dublin's Docklands.

Took me ages to corral them into place!

Shane stars in RTE's The Savage Eye. (Well, maybe...)

I was passing by the Docklands and I noticed a crew shooting a scene for the comedy 'The Savage Eye'. I love that programme, so decided to join in (anyone could).
We had to walk up and down while Dave (in a costume shaped like Ireland) bade us farewell.
I expect the episode to be mocking our self-started recession & new wave of emigration.
It went on for a long time, so I left after a while. (The shoot, not the country.)

Video of stunning view over Dublin City from Howth Head.

The public path around Howth Head follows one of Ireland's rare (& increasingly so) rights-of-way.
It cuts thru Howth Castle, across a golf course, down by Bailey lighthouse & round the head to Howth Harbour.
The views are stunning & never fail to impress.

I hate litter. No, I mean I REALLY hate litter.

It makes me mad & sad how filthy Ireland is. What makes me madder & sadder is that we can't seem to cure ourselves of this affliction.
I was discussing this with my parents at the weekend.
They actually claim that Ireland is much tidier now that it was in the 70s or 80s. This tidiness-trend is also reinforced by today's results from the excellent chaps at Irish Business Against Litter.
IBAL states that 3/4 of our towns are clean to European norms - and that things are getting better.
Yet, I can't marry this insight with the evidence of my eyes.
Wherever I go I see never-ending piles of rubbish ... along our roadsides, under bushes, in our parks, etc.
It may be that some small parts of our country are cleaner - mostly thanks to the few people who actually care (such as this group on the Grand Canal cleanup).
But overall, Ireland is still a shocking sight. No one could say the Republic is cleaner than Northern Ireland, England, Germany or even the US.
Ireland is and remains a shameful tip. Just look at some of the evidence here and here.

Iarnród Éireann finally allows bikes on the DART & other trains.

Well, whoop-de-****ing-do.
It took several thousands years of lobbying to get this setup, so enough of the self-congratulatory publicity. Just get on with making it work.

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