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GE11 is finally here. Time to pee or get off the pot.

So, I peed. A bit right, a bit left, a bit in the middle and a few splashes around the fringe.
This vid shows me casting my vote in Dublin Central.

Running from Kenmare to Killarney (Wild West Run 2011).

With my knobbled-knee, only my brother was able to take part in the first Wild West Run from Kenmare to Killarney.
A half-marathon over the mountains, he managed to do it in 2 hours 13 minutes. A great time I think.
Overall, it was a great event. Well done to Michael for organising it! I look forward to talking part next year.

Like things my sister used on her homework journal.

Gotta hand it to Dublin City Council, they may struggle with the mountains of cr*p produced by our citizens - but they have some lovely colourful bin stickers!

Happy St.Hallmark Day!

A favourite sculpture of mine, opposite the National Concert Hall.
Appropriate for Hallmark Day on Monday, especially as St.HALLMARK's relics are located on nearby Whitefriar St. in Dublin.

Ich bin ein Irelander!

A crowd called have erected some intriguing mock election-posters around the city. They show pithy poems or strange images.
This is definitely my favourite. It speaks volumes.
Ich bin ein Irlander

Piles of rubbish in the canal outside the Waterways Ireland Visitor's Centre.

Update (9th Feb '11): The Grand Canal at Baggot St Bridge this morning ... This is what another part of Waterways Ireland's glorious realm looks like, when you 'lift the carpet'. Let's hope they drained it to clear out the washing machines, traffic cones, election posters & other detritus.
The drained Grand Canal near Baggot St
(I get a bit hot & bothered by this because I sometimes help clean the canal.)
Original post (7th Feb '011)
This is how we do things in Ireland.
Spend oodles of cash on snazzy visitors' centres - but don't do the simple stuff, like spend a few quid on a pool cleaner's net to keep the effin' canal clean.

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