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Rathkeale .. economic wasteland in mid-Limerick.

Oh dear.
Not much going for Rathkeale by the looks of it. As my Ma would say, it seems a town "on its uppers".
I have rarely seen a place with so many boarded up shop-fronts & lack of commercial activity.
This video shows the main street on a Saturday evening about 6pm! Where are the shoppers? Where are the shops?!
It's a pity because otherwise it seems a clean & tidy place. But something has undercut Rathkeale. I wonder what it is?

Vindicated..? Relieved..? Happy..? Dismayed..?!

A LikePlace letter as printed in the METRO HERALD this morning.
So, in 2060 will you be... Vindicated..? Relieved..? Happy..?
Or (like me) Dismayed..?!

Liz is getting in the mood.

Liz Windsor (aka 'The Queen') is coming to Ireland soon for a long weekend.
I hear she is getting in the mood this Paddy's Day by swapping her crown for some new head gear.
Gawd bless ya ma'am!

"I bid farewell to Carlingford" ... but I'll be back!

Tommy Makem wrote the song & I agree with him.
With many medieval remains & overlooking the sea - Carlingford is a really attractive town in Co.Louth. As a result, it definitely attracts a lot of visitors (including many, many stag & hen do's) but so what .. it still manages to hang on to its character.
A real draw for me is that the Cooley peninsula on which it is located, is the site of the mythical Táin Bó Cuailnge. My imagination runs riot as a result (seeing bulls & warriors everywhere).

On the totem trail .. a stroll around Kenmare, Co.Kerry.

Kenmare. A great example of an Irish 'totem town'.
That is, it is 'classicially' Irish - but not truly representative of Irish towns at all. It is a totem of what we imagine Irish towns to be.
Its problem is that it is simply too nice & too tidy. Let's be honest - Irish towns are generally pretty ramshackle.
While 'totem towns' like Kenmare (or Killarney, Kinsale, Dingle or Westport) are nice to have - they are misleading.
Some better examples of a typical Irish town would probably be Edenderry, Tuam, Tullamore or Swords. Sure, they have their good points - but would you book a hotel to spend a weekend there?

Saw this Nazi knife in a shop in Killarney.

Is there a local market for such things?
What's next .. 'Black & Tan' branded cudgels?!?
Nazi knife

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