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From BALLYNABLOUN? We need to talk!

You certainly seem proud of your village.
However, our data analysis suggests a small number of people are submitting multiple ratings for Ballynabloun (Co.Kerry). This could indicate an attempt to artificially bump up rankings.
As such, we have elected to suspend submissions & delete several entries that come from a single source or present an unusually consistent point of view.
We don't want to be nasty Thought Police - but we do want to make sure LikePlace presents a fair view of life in Ireland. As such, we will be keeping a close eye on things for a while.
If you wish to respond to this decision, please feel free to leave a comment below.
Thanks for your understanding, Shane (LikePlace)

Is it time to reinstate some old placenames, I wonder .. Leningrad-style?

With 'herself' coming over next month, I am seeing connections everywhere.
This street sign is a great example of the 'regime change' that occurred early last century .. Queen Sq Pearse Sq.
Is it time to reinstate some old placenames, I wonder .. Leningrad-style?

"The League of Volunteers" ... new Irish heroes for uncertain times.

New map ... see the 10 BEST PLACES in Ireland at a glance!

Ronan does it again. I mean .. wow or what!?

I saw Prince Albert of Monaco today as I walked thru Trinity College...

As a fellow baldy, I gave him a knowing salute.
(PS - it is me on the right.)

Sign our PETITION to rename Laois & Offaly as KINGS & QUEENS county.

Totally agree with Laois & Offaly County Councils' decisions to officially revert to their historical names of KINGS COUNTY & QUEENS COUNTY for the duration of the Queen's visit in May.
In fact, why not make it permanent? Sign our petition!
We're doing the same on this website!
Update: Yes .. this was an April Fools joke. (Cough)

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