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From BALLYNABLOUN? We need to talk!

You certainly seem proud of your village.
However, our data analysis suggests a small number of people are submitting multiple ratings for Ballynabloun (Co.Kerry). This could indicate an attempt to artificially bump up rankings.
As such, we have elected to suspend submissions & delete several entries that come from a single source or present an unusually consistent point of view.
We don't want to be nasty Thought Police - but we do want to make sure LikePlace presents a fair view of life in Ireland. As such, we will be keeping a close eye on things for a while.
If you wish to respond to this decision, please feel free to leave a comment below.
Thanks for your understanding, Shane (LikePlace)


Blogger pat said...

address .olearypHi Shane, The main comments dealing with Ballynabloun, Co. Kerry is dealing with its magnificent scenery. If you want to check this out you are most welcome to bring your camera and photograph its varios beauty spots. Alternately go into the website click locations, click Co Kerry and type in Ballynabloun and there you will see what I am talking about and also see its description. Looking forward to hearing from you. Ican also send a copy of a cd of photos to your land

3 May 2011 at 19:53  
Anonymous Shane said...

Hi Pat

Thanks for that.

I see you are pretty keen on Ballynabloun ... so much so that you have rated it many times (4 times at the last count)!

What we're going to do is to allow 1 of your ratings to remain and remove the rest. (If any more go in, we'll remove them also.)

Our objective is to reflect people's real opinion of a place, yours included - but just once per person. We don;t want the site to become a repository of 'good news' stories about lots of places in Ireland. Otherwise every councillor and housing developer will simply load the site with false puff-pieces how wonderful their local are is.

Shane (LikePlace)

4 May 2011 at 10:04  

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