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Proud resident? Delusions of grandeur? Why not apply to be a "LikePlace Mayor" & represent your community online!

Are you a proud resident of your area? So, now you can prove it.
It's easy to apply...
  1. Just find your community using the search box at the top of this page.
  2. Then click on the Mayor button (on the right side of your community page) & send us your details.
We'll get you set up within 24 hours!
See live examples of mayors already in place for Tobercurry (Co.Sligo), Portmarnock (Co.Dublin) & Ballinteer (Dublin 16).
Your Mayoral privileges...
As 'First Citizen' your photo & username will be published on this site.
(You can choose whatever username you like. And if you do not wish to have a photo published, that is no problem.)
Of course, you will have some Mayoral duties....
The main one is that - from time to time - we'll ask you to respond to questions we receive about your local area, from visitor to this site. All you have to do is reply with your honest opinions. Easy.
Don't worry - neither your email address nor real name will be exposed to anyone, except us. We will send you only a few messages & will filter all emails first. Plus, you can retire as Mayor at anytime - no questions asked. featured in today's IRISH TIMES newspaper!

Whoo Hoo!
In a feature about Cost of Living on page 12 in today's Irish Times we say amazingly erudite & insightful things like...
"We’re hoping to gather information on every major residential area in Ireland so that we can get a better insight into Ireland overall."
“It would be great if eventually people could say: ‘I’m interested in moving to this small town in Munster – what is the cost of living like?’ and get a straightish answer.”
Our thanks to the journalist who interviewed us, Patrick Freyne.
Incidentally, you can see a list of places with the lowest-rated 'Cost of Living' in Ireland on our advanced search page.
You can also refine the search to see lowest rated in your county.

Barack Obama's speech in Dublin - video from the street.

I queued for 3 hours to see him and am glad. The crowd was well humoured, the weather held out & people were genuinely pleased to see him.
I was about 150 metres, back but could just about make him out on stage. Towards the end I edged my way forward and saw him more clearly as he gave his last wave to the crowd.
He certainly is a man to admire. (Read his comment about Moneygall & house prices.)

Moneygall - a great place to drive thru (in about 10 seconds).

A truck full of explosives (not Al Queda .. it was on its way to a local mine) crashed in Moneygall a while back.
Luckily it did not explode.
Tho' on second thoughts .. Moneygall is about as no-where as you can get in Ireland. 2 pubs, several grey buildings, a ghost housing estate & not much else.
Maybe a big bang could do it good.
Then we could bring Barack to Westport or somewhere else instead during his visit to Ireland - & just name it "Moneygall" for the day!?
Sure, no-one would be any the wiser - & it would be nicer for him.

For 1 week COBH becomes 'QUEENSTOWN' again ... & a few more changes too!

UPDATE: Vote now! Should COBH be officially changed back to QUEENSTOWN? Vote now on Facebook.
For one week - starting today - we're going to play a game.
  • Imagine if ... 'regime change' had never happened here in 1921.
  • Imagine if ... all Ireland had remained part of the UK.
  • Imagine if ... E II was regent of Ireland.
It's not that that how I'd like it, but it's an interesting thought experiment. One consequence might be that several places would never have changed their names. Think of it.
So, to mark the visit of our erstwhile monarch, from today for one week we're going to have a bit of fun & reinstate these old placenames.
(Not that I'm a royalist or anything - but maybe some of them should be made permanent?!?)

"God save the queen, Cause tourists are money."

Prophetic words from J.Rotten. Hope she brings her purse.

Gaelforce Connemara 2011 - slippery when wet.

This is some video taken "on the trot" from the 10.00am start.
Myself and 2 of my brothers took part. The youngest got the best time of 2hrs 40 minutes. I got it in 2hrs 53min, and my older brother in 3hrs 3mins. Not too bad overall (in fact, faster than last year).
A big difference from the sunny & dry weather in 2010! Both my shoes got stuck in the boggy muck at the beginning, added to lots of slipping & sliding which slowed everyone down a bit.

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