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Proud resident? Delusions of grandeur? Why not apply to be a "LikePlace Mayor" & represent your community online!

Are you a proud resident of your area? So, now you can prove it.
It's easy to apply...
  1. Just find your community using the search box at the top of this page.
  2. Then click on the Mayor button (on the right side of your community page) & send us your details.
We'll get you set up within 24 hours!
See live examples of mayors already in place for Tobercurry (Co.Sligo), Portmarnock (Co.Dublin) & Ballinteer (Dublin 16).
Your Mayoral privileges...
As 'First Citizen' your photo & username will be published on this site.
(You can choose whatever username you like. And if you do not wish to have a photo published, that is no problem.)
Of course, you will have some Mayoral duties....
The main one is that - from time to time - we'll ask you to respond to questions we receive about your local area, from visitor to this site. All you have to do is reply with your honest opinions. Easy.
Don't worry - neither your email address nor real name will be exposed to anyone, except us. We will send you only a few messages & will filter all emails first. Plus, you can retire as Mayor at anytime - no questions asked.


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