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For 1 week COBH becomes 'QUEENSTOWN' again ... & a few more changes too!

UPDATE: Vote now! Should COBH be officially changed back to QUEENSTOWN? Vote now on Facebook.
For one week - starting today - we're going to play a game.
  • Imagine if ... 'regime change' had never happened here in 1921.
  • Imagine if ... all Ireland had remained part of the UK.
  • Imagine if ... E II was regent of Ireland.
It's not that that how I'd like it, but it's an interesting thought experiment. One consequence might be that several places would never have changed their names. Think of it.
So, to mark the visit of our erstwhile monarch, from today for one week we're going to have a bit of fun & reinstate these old placenames.
(Not that I'm a royalist or anything - but maybe some of them should be made permanent?!?)


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