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LikePlace Blog featured in today's IRISH TIMES newspaper!

Whoo Hoo!
In a feature about Cost of Living on page 12 in today's Irish Times we say amazingly erudite & insightful things like...
"We’re hoping to gather information on every major residential area in Ireland so that we can get a better insight into Ireland overall."
“It would be great if eventually people could say: ‘I’m interested in moving to this small town in Munster – what is the cost of living like?’ and get a straightish answer.”
Our thanks to the journalist who interviewed us, Patrick Freyne.
Incidentally, you can see a list of places with the lowest-rated 'Cost of Living' in Ireland on our advanced search page.
You can also refine the search to see lowest rated in your county.


Anonymous Shane ( said...

Some interesting feedback about the type of insights our site provides (as on

"You said on your best / worst rating list of ireland...

'For example, Armagh has a higher average score than Limerick, but Limerick has many more ratings. As such, Co.Limerick is arguably a better place to live.'

"That is balderdash, as what you are actually saying is that because more people live in a place then it is better than a place where fewer people live... so you should stop all of the interactive feedback stuff and individual ratings, and just simply list the places in order of their decreasing populations, starting with Dublin at the top, and Annacloughmullian at the bottom of the list"

Any thoughts about this?

(We especially welcome any comments that use terms like 'Balderdash'!)


30 May 2011 at 11:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not get users to add a layer of 'real world' data to the site (eg price of a pint, bag of chips, cup of coffee, distance to a major supermarket & petrol station etc) instead of the purely subjective scoring that is quite frankly a load of balderdash.

Nice idea for a site but unlikely to be anything more than a 5 minute :(

31 May 2011 at 12:18  
Anonymous Shane ( said...

Hi Anonymous

We have that in train & will be adding data from Census 2011 as it starts to be published.

1 June 2011 at 16:23  
Blogger FilipePereira said...

Congratulations... ;-)

4 June 2011 at 23:44  

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