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“Gross Domestic Happiness” in Ireland falls over first 6-months of 2011. collects ratings & opinions on life in Ireland from people all over the country. So far we have gathered nearly 5,000 ratings on 8 factors that contribute to “quality of life”.
By putting all our scores together, we can calculate an overall score for “Gross Domestic Happiness”.
As of today, Ireland scores 3.7 out-of 5 as a place to live:
  • This represents a fall from 3.8 out of 5 from December 2010 (6 months ago).
  • The biggest fall was for Cost of Living … from 3.4 to 2.9 out-of 5.
  • Every other indicator also experienced a fall.
  • The only indicator to stay the same was ‘Quality of Services’.
HINT: Use Advanced Search to see the best places in Ireland for each indicator.

Congratulations STEPHEN FRY ... new Mayor of ROS NA RÚN

As we move towards our 5,000th rating, we're having a bit of fun by adding a few famous (tho' fictional) Irish towns to our site - & nominating a well known dignitary as Mayor!
With this in mind, we have awarded 'Stiofáin Uí Friochtha' an honorary Mayoral post given his sterling performance on the Ros na Rún Irish language TV soap earlier this year.
Stephen excelled himself by extending his well known exuberance for language into Irish & tackling Gaelic grammar head-on (even if the accent was a bit dodgy)!
So, if you've got a question for the new Mayor ... just ask.
Questions in Irish are welcome too. Right Stephen?!
(Don't worry - I'll give you a hand with the tricky genitive case.)

Life on CRAGGY ISLAND revealed by Fr. Ted Crilly.

Update 20th June: The copyright owners for FATHER TED say we have to remove our CRAGGY ISLAND page. Killjoys. Oh well, farewell Ted!
As we move towards our 5,000th rating - we're having a bit of fun by adding a few famous (but fictional) Irish places.
So, let's start by finding out what life on CRAGGY ISLAND is really like by asking the top man himself - Fr Ted Crilly! was on the JOHN MURRAY SHOW on RTE Radio 1 on Friday!

Was I nervous?! No way - my throat is always this dry.
Some of the places mentioned on the show were:
  • Birr ... home of Mundy.
  • Devlin ... home of Mary McEvoy.
  • & (for fun) Glenroe ... fictional home of Mary's alt-ego 'Biddy'.

"Here were dragons" ... your great-great-great-great-great-great-etc-granny's footprints on Valentia ls.

I was on Valentia Island at the weekend & went to see among the most ancient preserved footprints in the world - just outside Knightstown.
Although they don't boast the massive slab-like impressions of a giant (a creature about the size of a cat made them), they are ancient.
Those footprints are from your last fish-like ancestor - a tetrapod.
It went on to develop into you, me & pretty much every other land-based animal, including 'Jordan'.

Gum free ... Litter free ... Weed free ... How I wish we all were (sigh!)

As seen in Knightstown on Valentia Is. Top marks for spirit (& truth ... it is all the above)!
Question: I wonder how many other places in Ireland could truthfully put up a similar sign?
Answer: Not many, for example...

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