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Watch trends for "Quality of Life" as they change over time.

We're introducing a new way to show TRENDS for QUALITY OF LIFE. See the chart on the Zeitgeist page.
We're showing average-scores per-quarter since 2009. For example, you can see that since 2009, ECONOMY has a strong downwards trend. Whereas, COMMUNITY is fairly steady.
Let us know what you think.

C19th Unionists were probably always right ... 'ROME Rule' triumphed over 'HOME Rule'.

At last, we might be starting to stand up for ourselves.

They're taking over!! ROBOT ST. spotted where Clanwilliam Place used to be.

(OR else it is just because Dublin City Council uses children's stencils from Easons to create street signs that can be easily peeled-off.)

"Yay!" to Chatham Brasserie for passing on the VAT reduction.

"Boo!" to Butler's Coffee across the road for not.

"Hello again" - a video stroll through Athlone town.

I lived here for a while about 15 years ago. At the time, I had mixed feelings about the place.
The things I liked were the history and location on the Shannon - however, I really abhorred the local people's careless attitude. I never saw a place with so much litter.
I was glad when passing thru recently to see it has tidied up its act.
Athlone could be one of the great towns of Ireland. It has the river, the castle, the lake, it is near Clonmacnoise ... it has it all!
If it was in England or Scotland it would be a mecca for tourists. In Ireland it is a forgotten child.
(As Athlone is a cross-border place it can be rated in either Roscommon or Westmeath.)

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