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FILTHIEST places in Ireland named & shamed by IBAL.

Each year they deliver a shillelagh-blow to Fáilte Ireland's soft-focus propaganda about how 'beautiful' Ireland is.
We all know that Ireland is filthy.
Litter is thrown everywhere. Our country side and woodlands are strewn with old fridges, washing machines and broken cars.
But where is worst? Well, we have our own list here. But as IBAL's is based on a quantitative survey ... I'll go with that.
The filthiest places are...
The tidiest places are...

More PAIN!! Video from Gaelforce West 2011.

I keep returning.
Why? God knows. Maybe I like pain & mud.
I was in the 8.00am wave, so if you were there you might be on the attached video. It shows some views from the beach start thru to the kayak crossing. (I put my phone away after that.)

If GAY BYRNE becomes president - I am leaving.

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