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The best (& worst) thing about Ireland in 2012 is Irish women!

"What are the BEST & WORST things about Ireland in 2012?"

That's the question we asked our voluntary LikePlace Mayors to answer for St.PATRICK's DAY.
How is austerity affecting their attitude to our country?
Despite everything, are there things that can still make them smile?

LikePlace Mayors are people who have volunteered on to answer questions about the areas in which they live.

The funniest answer to our question was from Patrick, LikePlace Mayor of Glennamucklagh, Co.Cork…
“Irish women are best thing about Ireland as they are pretty."
"But the worst thing is that they argue too much & just don't know when to let up.”

On the serious side, anger dominated most of the negative responses, i.e. anger at banks, the economy, etc.
See what they had to say.


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