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Just for fun - Beckett with botox.

This poster is up in Hodges Figgis in Dublin & I always admired the famous gragginess of Beckett's features. Then I thought - what if he'd had a bit of "treatment", would he still be as enigmatic? So I decided to give it a go, just for fun...

(With apologies to the artist.)

A graph correlating Public Sympathy as a factor of Time for individuals of "High Perceived Wealth".

"Being Successful Online" at Kerry Fashion Weekend.

Thanks to Orla n' crew for a great few days at Kerry Fashion Weekend 2012. It's surprising to me how much I enjoy these events (& not just for the swimwear).

It is genuinely interesting & fun to see such great work from the Irish creative sector. Melanie Morris, editor of IMAGE magazine was also there and had some great insights and anecdotes. A great speaker.

If you were at today's Business in Fashion event & suffered thru my rambling talk, feel free to contact me for the freebie I mentioned. Today's presentation is shown below.

Irish Times challenges the might of (the fools!!)

The Grand Old Lady etc. etc. has launched a competition to find the best place to live in Ireland. (I'm not linking to it as they don't need the traffic.)

I guess I am wondering about their approach.
I like the comprehensive manner of it & their expert panel. (I wish I had their resources.)

But surely everyone who enters an opinion to this competition must by nature be very passionate about where they live. So what about dissenting voices? Sure – all the entrants think [enter name of town] is a great place with great facilities, but is that representative of the community in general?

At least this site allows people to say why their hometown is NOT a good place to live.
Of course, that is open to abuse too - but not much on my watch!

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