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Co.Louth voted BEST county in Ireland in 2012! (Co.Laois was the worst.)

Every December we release a Zeitgeist of the best & worst places in Ireland. Previous winners have included Co.Donegal and Co.Galway.

Looking back on 2012 we now know that the BEST county in Ireland this year was Co.Louth with an overall score of 4.0-out-of-5.

Co.Laois was the WORST, with just 3.5-out-of-5.

Read all results in our 2012 ZeitGeist.

Why Louth?

In just about every category we measured, Co.Louth comes out on top. This includes Law-&-Order, Environment & Cost-of-Living. However, the biggest difference is on Local Services (shopping, entertainment, etc.)

For example, here’s a sample of what people said about Carlingford:

"Where the mountains come down to the sea – a beautiful little village. In a depressed country, this place stands out as a beacon of hope.” 

What about Laois?

Is it really so bad? Well, just read this report about Portlaoise! "I don't know anyone of my generation who did not leave. Those who stayed are happy as pigs in the proverbial ...."

Uh oh!


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